Eczema Treatment in Delhi

Eczema is a term for several different types of skin swelling. It’s common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. The word eczema is also used specifically to talk about atopic dermatitis, the most common type of eczema. Eczema symptoms include itchy, red, and dry skin caused by inflammation. It is most common in babies and children but adults can have it too. Eczema is sometimes called atopic dermatitis, which is the most common form. “Atopic” refers to an allergy. People with eczema often have allergies or asthma along with itchy, red skin. One of the signs of atopic dermatitis is over the top skin dryness,
which is by all accounts due an absence of certain skin proteins called filaggrins.
Dermatitis is a group of skin conditions that includesatopic dermatitis, allergic contact
dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis and stasis dermatitis.

Atopic Eczema is more common in children, often developing before their first birthday. However, it may also develop for the first time in adults. With atopic dermatitis, even when your skin looks clear, the inflammation may still be active under the surface, and your next flare-up is just waiting to return. Some people always show signs of the disease. We raise money to fund research for cures for skin disease and skin cancer, but research doesn’t fund itself. When you have eczema, it means your immune system is working too hard. Eczema can be a very stressful and frustrating condition, and can make living your daily life challenging and uncomfortable. As kids get older, the rash is usually scalier than it was when the eczema first began, and the skin is extremely itchy and dry.