PRP Therapy

PRP Hair Therapy in Adorable Clinic

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. It is a new modality of hair loss treatment. It is a biological therapy. Prepared plasma contains platelets which are numerous than in normal blood. It has different growth factors especially PDGF and VEGF.

Best Hair Transplant Technology for Hair Surgery:

We offer best and moderate Hair Transplant in Delhi and hair fall treatment in Delhi. They insure high quality and safe care to every patient. It has best facilities and team of expertise in PRP Therapy. Both these factors have significant positive effects on hair growth. PRP may actually wake up dormant stem cells in the follicles giving new hair growth. So this therapy gives strength to the existing hair, reduce hair fall and likely to increase the actual number of hair by stimulating the stem cells.

The procedure involves drawing out the patient’s blood (around 15-20 ml), spinning it in a centrifuge which separates out the PRP and then infusing this mixture back into the scalp, either through injections or with the help of a dermaroller. In PRP decreases hair fall,improves the quality of hair and cause thickening of the fine hair without giving any side effect. Laser hair reduction is an advantage, noninvasive technique for forever decreasing or expelling undesirable facial or body hair.There are also no side effects, as the patient’s own blood is being used.