PRP Therapy Do’s And Don’t and Benefits

PRP Therapy Do’s And Don’t and Benefits

PRP, Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a spectacular, natural anti-aging treatment that can remove wrinkles and restore youthful skin and hair.

While the procedure itself is simple, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to have a smooth, effortless journey to beautiful skin and restore your hair too.

When coming to Anti Aging treatment in Delhi and PRP Therapy for hair, here are a few do’s and don’ts for before and after your visit:

Before Your PRP Therapy:

DO eat a light meal and stay hydrated on the day you come in. Part of PRP therapy involves drawing blood, about the amount taken for common medical tests.

This is a lower amount than if you were donating, but still enough to temporarily unbalance your body.

Coming in on an empty stomach isn’t going to put you in any danger, but you’ll likely feel dizzy from the treatment.

DO call us if you become ill or have a fever and other uncommon symptoms. PRP therapy relies on specific behaviors of your body’s systems and operates under the assumption that they aren’t currently occupied fighting off infections.

Please contact us if you feel sick or have a fever and we can reschedule to when circumstances are more favorable.

DON’T take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), drugs like “Advil” and “Motrin”, blood thinners or coagulant medication, or alcohol up to 72 hours before your visit.

All of these can affect the clotting function of your platelets, which is an important part of PRP therapy.

Tylenol is fine, however. Since there are specific reasons a person would be on blood thinners or coagulant medications, be sure to consult your doctor before you stop taking them.

DON’T wear makeup to your appointment. Being able to treat your skin without cosmetics in the way will make the treatment process go smoother.

DON’T smoke. Besides the other health effects of smoking, the tar from cigarettes interferes with the production of growth factors in the skin.

Since these are the same growth factors PRP therapy is meant to encourage, smokers are poor candidates for the PRP treatment in Delhi.

After Your PRP Therapy:

DO feel free to go about your day after the treatment. Unless your regular routine involves some of the discouraged activities, you should be able to leave our offices and resume your day without worry.

DO relax. It is best to avoid exercise or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours following your PRP treatment. Feel free to use the time for some rest and relaxation.

DO expect some swelling and redness. This is normal and will fade.

DO use sunscreen. Excess sun exposure should be avoided for the first three days following the treatment.

DON’T wash your face for at least four hours—but ideally 24 hours—after the treatment.

PRP therapy works best when the skin is left as undisturbed as possible during the initial period. If you must wash your face, then “dab-dry” to avoid pulling at the skin.

DON’T go to a sauna, take a hot shower or bath, or otherwise expose your skin to heat for the first three days following treatment.

DON’T go swimming for the first three days. In addition to possibly falling under strenuous activity or face-washing, the chemicals in swimming pools are best left away from your skin during the initial period.

DON’T undergo other facial treatments for the next two weeks at another clinic.

Generally speaking, facial treatments are based on either taking advantage or your body’s own behaviors (like PRP) or take more direct action (like an ablative laser).

Although they have the same goals of giving you more beautiful skin and hair, they may or may not interact well together.

Mixing treatments have a rationale and a sequence. Please consult with your dermatologist in Delhi or one of our certified staff to avoid an unsightly reaction.


Benefits of PRP for Hair Loss in Delhi:

Another great treatment option for hair loss is PRP therapy in Delhi, and it uses your own platelet-rich plasma.

The science behind this treatment is regularly used for plastic surgery, orthopedics, and dentistry and now for hair growth and for beautiful skin.

In fact, some of the most well-known athletes have used PRP therapy for hair loss in Delhi, and for many years, platelet-rich plasma has been a popular treatment option for progressive hair loss.

During this treatment in Delhi, a sample of your own blood is drawn and modified, and it’s used to activate the blood that flows around your scalp.

Before the procedure, your scalp will need to be numbed, which eliminates unwanted discomfort.

Depending on the situation, Other ingredients might be added to the PRP mixture. When used for hair regrowth, this treatment option has several benefits to offer.

A major benefit of PRP therapy is that it uses your own blood. After a centrifuge is used to separate the different components of your blood.

The platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp. Another major benefit of using PRP for hair regrowth is the success rate, which is very high.

In many cases, the platelets can reverse or stop a patient’s hair from thinning, and results from the treatment appear over the span of multiple months.

A gradual process is better for hair regrowth because it gives you time to adjust to your new hair. It also provides natural-looking results.

PRP therapy takes some time to work, but when it does you will experience restored your hair and will have the fuller head. For more information about PRP therapy in Delhi and other hair treatments like weaving, hair transplant, hair extensions contact us on 097111 50928.