Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Delhi, Procedure Result, and Recovery

Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Delhi, Procedure Result, and Recovery

Laser Skin Whitening Treatment in Delhi, Procedure Result, Post- guidelines, and Recovery.

Laser skin whitening treatment in Delhi is the process by which people who want a fair complexion can reduce the melanin pigment in the skin to give a whiter complexion. people with dark the dark skin have more melanin and the quantity of melanin;  determines the color of a one’s skin.

What is the treatment?

Melanin is manufactured by cells named as melanocytes. The melanin quantity of a person’s skin depends upon the genetic buildup and the environmental surroundings.

The production of melanin is affected by exposure to the sun, the degree of damaged skin, and exposure to chemicals and worst products.

Many people take recourse to skin whitening methods to deal with problems such as freckles, age spots, scars, moles, acne, birthmarks and also by people who wish to have fair skin, especially those with a darker tone of skin.

Most of the people use whitening or lightening products such as bleaching creams, fading creams, chemical peels, and laser treatment. These products work by disturbing the tyrosinase enzyme which is instrumental for the melanin production and thereby reducing its amount in the skin.

The melanocyte cells which manufacture melanin are situated at the very bottom of the skin’s epidermal layer. Sometimes the over-production of the melanin pigment could lead to various hyperpigmentation problems that make your complexion more darker.

Laser skin whitening in Delhi, Procedure Result, and Recovery

How is the treatment done?

First, for laser skin whitening treatment in Delhi would be to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and tell him/her what kind of skin tone you have in mind.

To get a proper idea across it would be best if you have a picture with you of the person with the desired skin tone that you have in mind and.

After discussing with your dermatologist, you may go and talk to the plastic surgeon. You can also show him/her the picture so that he/she knows what it is you exactly want that is so important to get the idea of your requirement.

After consulting with both the dermatologist and plastic surgeon you decide on the option that you want based on your health issues, requirements, and financial position.

For that, you can go for a skin bleaching treatment or something as expensive as a surgery, chemical peeling or laser treatment.

You need to talk about the recovery time after you complete your treatment; laser treatments and chemical peels take a few weeks and permanent skin whitening surgery takes more time.

After the treatment, you need to take care of your skin by using certain maintenance products and you have to follow your doctor’s instructions after the treatment.

Sunscreen is very important to prevent you from getting sunburns and also lower chances of your skin getting darker so you have to apply it on a daily basis.

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Are you a good candidate:

Everyone is eligible for a skin whitening treatment, but you have 18 plus for the surgeries and laser treatment.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

People who are dealing with such conditions are not eligible for the treatment:

  • Having a history of heart-related disorders.
  • Recurring fever.
  • Cold sores.
  • The tendency to scar.
  • Those with really dark skin are not recommended for deep chemical peel treatment as well.

Should avoid undergoing chemical peel treatment for skin whitening.

Laser skin whitening in Delhi, Procedure Result, and Recovery

Are there any side effects?

If you are undergoing laser skin whitening treatment in Delhi you can expect to experience the following side effects such as:

  • Bruising.
  • Skin dryness.
  • Sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Tightness.
  • Swelling
  • Scarring.
  • Skin infections.
  • Skin texture difference.
  • Pigmentation, skin redness.
  • Irritation.

Deep chemical peel therapy can cause permanent damage such as hyperpigmentation i.e. skin darkening or hypopigmentation i.e. skin lightening.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The post-treatment guidelines for laser skin whitening in Delhi include:

  • Washing the treated area with chemical free soaps and dabbing very gently.
  • For your full recovery it is advised that you make use of certain maintenance products such as regularly apply aloe-vera gel or petroleum jelly to give a soothing and cooling effect.
  • A layer of scabs and crusts may form on the treated area so it is advised that you do not touch or pick these areas.
  • Take painkillers to reduce the swelling after the treatment.
  • Apply sunscreen for at least a period of six months to prevent darkening or sunburn because the skin at this stage becomes extremely sensitive to sun exposure.
Recover Time?

The time to recover depends on the type of treatment you undergo for skin whitening. If you go for non-ablative treatment methods then it may take only a day or two to recover.

But if you are going for the surgery such as a laser one then it may take up to 2-3 weeks to recover.

Following which you will need to adhere to certain post-treatment guidelines to prevent darkening, irritation or sunburn.

Are the results of the treatment is permanent?

Skin whitening creams only give you temporary results and do not have very long-lasting effects.

However, laser surgery, as well as chemical peel treatment methods, promise to give permanent solutions for sure.